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Concepts In Marketing

Alcohol Addiction

With a culture of drinking for a good time ingrained in British culture, is it time to question this established habit and recognise the damaging more>>

Audience:Upper Elementary, Junior High, Senior High

Farm to Fork: Primary and Secondary Processing

How does food get from the farm to our table? In this program we trace the route cereals, fruits, vegetables and dairy products take to get more>>

Audience:Senior High

Focusing on Early Years

This video resource looks at various aspects of the Early Years Setting from the basics of Health and Safety to areas of employment within this more>>

Audience:Senior High

Moral Decisions: The Value of Life

This video resource discusses the moral, ethical and emotional issues of Euthanasia using well known case studies to prompt discussion and debate. more>>

Audience:Senior High

Against the Odds 6-Pack

Against the Odds introduces real-life bands of brothers who exhibited unparalleled bravery, solidarity, and endurance on the battlefield to more>>

Audience:Junior High, Senior High

Food Safety and Hygiene

Food safety is an important topic to all students learning how to prepare food. This video covers the most important food safety and hygiene more>>

Audience:Senior High

Religion in Contemporary Society

This informative video resource discusses what religion means in today's society and looks at some of the new religious movements that have more>>

Audience:Junior High, Senior High

Surviving the Kill Zone: Predators and Prey in Zambia's Luangwa Valley

"Transports viewers to Africa during the final days of the longest known dry season in Zambia's Luangwa Valley. A temporary home to an extraordinary more>>

Audience:Upper Elementary, Junior High, Senior High

1916: Seachtar na Cásca

"They gave their lives for Ireland." The 1916 Easter Rising changed the course of Irish history and at the heart of the story of the Rising are the seven men who put their names to the Proclamation of more>>

Audience: Senior High

SciQ Can.

SciQ is an exciting new series for kids. SciQ introduces a younger audience to science through adventure presenting a wide range of topics guaranteed to capture the imagination of kids. Who can resist more>>

CG Kids Can.

Join the adventure! Follow along with Canadian Geographic Kids - an exciting and entertaining adventure series targeting youth ages 8-14. These episodes are designed to enlighten young Canadians about more>>

Daily Planet Segments (2012-2013 Season) Can.


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